Integrated, Dry Peel and Sales Incentive Card System

Integrated Card SystemSave time and money and produce quality temporary membership and point-of-purchase discount/incentive cards with less waste than traditional, off-line tipped-on plastic card or tipped-on piggyback label formats.

In-Line Finishing Solutions' (ILFS) exclusive Integrated Card converting process enables you to create top-quality temporary membership cards, discount/incentive cards and point-of-purchase coupons for marketing and in-store use. Our award-winning system features an easy-to-use custom release UV silicone in combination with water-base dry peel adhesive.

See the process in action.

Enjoy these benefits with ILFS Integrated, Dry Peel and Sales Incentive Card System

  • Save more than 75% over the cost of tipped-on plastic cards or piggyback, integrated card "labels."
  • Save time with the ability to convert this material in-line at over 800 ft./minute without the need for costly and slower tip-on label equipment.
  • Offer customers more options with the ability to print and/or image directly under both the release coating and dry peel adhesive.

Integrated Card SystemILFS Integrated, Dry Peel and Card System Product (click on product numbers to go to Technical Bulletins and/or MSDS Information):

  • L9091DBT Tight-Release Free Radical UV Silicone with 26-35-1 Water-base Dry Peel Adhesive.
  • 3414T Water-base Laminating Adhesive
  • PS7000 Pressure Sensitive Hot melt Laminating Adhesive
  • UV1800 for UV Coated Cards
  • PS7355 or PS4214L  fugitive hot melt for card affixing

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