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In-Line Finishing Solutions offers a complete line of flexographic (pattern) applied and extrudable waterbase and hot melt adhesives as well as pocket and spine adhesives for the direct mail printing market.

Products include (click on product numbers to go to Technical Bulletins and/or MSDS Information):

  • Remoist Adhesives for high-speed application. Flavored and/or colored if desired.
    • Hot Melt Remoist.
    • Water-base Remoists.
  • Envelope Pocket Adhesives.
    • Standard, all purpose Water-base Pocket Adhesive.
    • Fast-Set Speed Water-base Adhesive for closed-end mailer formats.
    • Newest Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive that is used in conjunction with the ITW Apex High Speed Slot Die Coating Head for closed-end mailer applications.
    • Products:
      • Water-base.
        • Standard, all-purpose: 30-79-2
        • Closed-end mailer adhesive for uncoated stock: 26-17-3
        • Closed-end mailer adhesive for hard-to-stick stocks: 56-5551H
  • Cold Seal/Pressure Seal Adhesive: 35-027A
  • Pressure Sensitive and Non-pressure Sensitive Spine Glues for continuous line gluing applications.
    • Hot Melt.
    • Water-base.
      • For Needle Valve Extrusion Application: 56-5551T
    • Non Pressure Sensitive Laminating.

In-Line Finishing Solutions can meet all your equipment needs through our exclusive arrangements with our vendors.

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